Welcome to Team0x27 Home Page

Team 0x27 is a robotics and technology club focused around various robotics competition such as NURC ,and Sparkfun AVC . The team is made up of both high school and University students as well as Mentors from technology based industries.

The determination of competing as a High school or University category team will be made on an annual basis.

The team is focused on inspiring students to go into technical fields of advanced study. This is accomplished by imparting hands on fabrication skills and technology knowledge in an environment with a structured approach to problem solving. The amount of student input into the design and construction of the project is limited only by the students schedules.

In 2008 Team0x27 decided to enter NURC 13 days before the competition and earned a second place in the high school category.

In 2009, as an internal challenge. The team built their new improved ROV in less than 24 hours.


  2008 Award